About Hamilton & Son Music

Elinor HamiltonElinor Hamilton

Elinor has a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta.  This degree included a minor in music and a specialty in school libraries. She grew up performing and accompanying on the piano, and has had many experiences with music in the LDS church. She has a deep love and respect for its beautiful hymns, and a desire to help others feel the spirit through music. Elinor is the mother of four married children and the grandmother of eleven adorable little grandchildren. She resides with her husband, Donald, in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.


Nathan Hamilton

Nathan HamiltonNathan is one of Elinor’s four children. He obtained his Associate Degree in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto (ARCT) shortly after high school. Nathan served a mission for the LDS church in Marseilles, France. After his mission, he went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alberta in Political Science, a Masters Degree in Middle East Studies from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta. Nathan and his wife, Lisa, live in Raymond, Alberta, where Nathan is a school teacher and a piano teacher.


 Craig Cassils

When Nathan became too busy to do our arranging, Craig took over the job.  He is an amazing and prolific arranger who has provided a wealth of music for choirs, groups and individuals.  We are so grateful for all the wonderful work he has done for us.  His arrangements of Congregation Choir hymns and Primary songs are just the right combination of fancy, yet not too hard... "simply" beautiful... and always respectful of the message of the music.  A school music teacher for thirty years, he has also composed a great deal of original music.  Learn more about Craig and his music from his website here.